Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WHAT THE FUCK!!! only if i had a sniper's rifle. there would one less kook


this dude is a punk rawker...this is a mohawk in my book

ok,ok,ok.... i know, iknow.. i just can't take anymore. i see all these fuckers w/ their lame ass fo-hawks, mohawks, and other shit. WTF is a fo-hawk anyway? what is it? party at nite with yer popped collar, then bussiness during the day.. in the 80's yes i was one of those little teenage kids running around w/ my pants peg,wearing somethng plaid, hair up all different colors and shit. people would throw shit at us as we walked. jocks would fight us at school, but hang with us later in life. i guess they figured out life is better when someone is not controling them... anyway, they are still fucking kooks no matter 2cents, thanks fer listening...-R

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