Tuesday, July 20, 2010

650 camera pic

48 pan fror 20bucks????? maybe you

well, my buddies at speedmetal.blogspot.com are building a killer pan.... you have not ever been to denver now is prolly the best reason to ever go... denver is a fucking rad place.... this bike show just made it fucking better... yes , i will be attending. gonna ride the 650 there....looking forward to it....-R

mooneyes summer show

yeah, wents to mooneyes hot in the summer show. did not take a single pic. i think jimmy did. there were alot of bikes this year. we blew it on so many levels. but next year lemme tell you!!!. it was a pretty cool show. i made one lap w/ jimmy. it was to FN hot to do anything else. i hear they maybe doing the show in the cooler months.... that would BE titties.......-R

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

King of Clubs at Barona July 10th

Bats Day 2010

Coco's 1963 Galaxie 500 Convertible, got the 352 FE motor running good, swapped over the automatic column and did the brakes, running good so we took it down to steel to survey the damage and shot it in epoxy primer. The quarters have been re-done in a poor east coast hack style so we'll be re-doing that, otherwise it's looking good. Notice Steve in the background learning electric start in gear is not good....jimmy

High Dollar Jimmy

they call me High Dollar Jimmy now, 1934 Ford Three Window, pretty much all the sheet metal, lower patch panels, frame, radiator and grill and alot of vision.....jimmy