Wednesday, December 22, 2010

they say it was the kennedys

maybe LAPD........
man, she was something.....-R

yes, i still love 'ol cars. it seems i have neglected my girl for some time now. i blame only myself. as i racked up a ton of parking tickets (585$)worth to be exact. so once i pay that she will be back on the road. i promise.....-R

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

born free 3

oh man! this is gonna be a good one. it is oak canyon ranch state park. theres camping, awesome canyon rides, just add good times with yer buddies....
well. i just tried to reserve a camping spot.. nooooo diice... but that ok thats a good canyon ride back to my house, right up to my door...-R

Sunday, December 19, 2010

thats right fuckers


part 2 the tear down/ the spares speed shop

well shit, i kinda fucked up the order of my pics and story. so i will just skip the part of the story where i tell ya i seized my bike. apparently you need oil to keep yer bike running. well, i wanted to tear it apart anyway. the picture on the bottom is what it looked like when i pulled the head, the pic on the top is after i ported and polished it. you cant tell tell from photo, but it as smooth as a babies bottom. cleaned up the intake side too. got rid of all the casting access left behind from production, then took 60 grit and ruffed it a little. i 4got how fn'ing long this takes. it has been many years since i did this. my dad taught me during my race days. he was my mechanic. we kicked ass for a bit. thought i was gonna be famous one day... haaaa... well, honed out cylinder new ring and piston's... almost back 2gether. i will keep you posted.....-R

my failed trip to slap city part 1

so, as with every trip i go on i was running 2 hours late easy. i eventually meet up with tubbles, and this dude chris. trip started out fine. interstate packed with cars not going anywhere but us. riding a bike during a parking lot on the interstate is awesome. so we finally get thru all this traffic. and are heading to temecula to the 76 or 78. shoot i don't remember. anyway, when we stopped fer gas i noticed i lost my tail light and license plate somewhere along the way. first miss hap, so back on the road we go, cursing along at a pretty good speed making good time. then traffic again, so i slow down and gas it again and my bike dies... what the shit.. push it over to the side of the interstate check out bike. i am thinking my headlight wire shorted my bike. do ask me why i thought that. if you know me you would understand, that's just what i do. turns out from my being in a hurry i did not tighten my chain like i wanted to. so the chain has been doing a number on my ignition switch that i so conveniently put right in light with my chain. so after figuring out my chain popped up my hit me key into off position were back on the road. making it into temecula heading to are turn off to go thought the mountains bike dies again. FUCK! this sucks. so we pull over to fix AGAIN, this time i am thinking ignition switch again, well close a wire coming out serve rd. i fix it putting my bike 2gether b4 i start it. (total jackass move) this dude and his wife cruse up in a vette and start talking to us. mind you we are in a parking lot of a school. so there is no reason for this guy to come around. exec pt to make fun of me. he was like that's funny the pan and the shovel appear to be running fine, hows that jap bike doing? i was ha ha... turns out the kook ended up being a cool dude. offered to help me out. i said i was good and they were on their way. i could see that me and my bike were starting to be a pain fer tubbles and chris. so i say its cool dudes go get something to eat and i will catch up. i by pass the switch and hot wire my bike. it is starting to get cold, kinda. again bike is tip top at this point. then it starts cutting out. Fuck! i look down and see left carb is not working. i turn the gas off the left side and just keep going. bike run like shit but i could still ride. worried that i would not get my bike started i just kept ridding. so i passed the dudes while they got gas knowing they would catch up. so we meet back up about 45minutes later. by this time it is way fucking cold and nite is falling. so we start to get back on the road. Chris's bike would start, so tubbles says just go and we will catch up. and like that it was dark, foggy to the point you could only see 10-15 feet in front of you. got to Julian(which is awesome) made right like a was supposed to. but i kept going right. of course i need to go left at fork in road. (this is the story of my life) well 40 minutes later i realize i am lost. SHIT! fuck it i say and keep going the wrong way. not like i had a choice. so i am in the fucking mountains for a hour or so. get to the end of the road and its left or right. i take a break in the pitch darkness then take off again. i pass a cop that was sitting on the side of the road. he gets behind me and follows for 7minutes or so. pulls me over. gives me the run down. why you out here,why is yer bike so loud, etc. he makes me sit on the ground. while sitting there i see why my carb quit working. the piece of t-shirt i used to clean some oil got sucked into carb. yes. i do stupid shit like this. so cop lets me go. he says i hafta walk my bike blab blah blah. start bike when i get to the interstate. tubbles calls me while i am doing this. he waiting for me at a gas station that he thought i would be. i tell him my story and i am on the road. again my bike is running titties. until that is it lose;s power. i am like fuck it and ride to the next exit. call jimmy, jimmy calls nick. nicks me up and takes me to jimmy house... so i noticed my pipe was broke. so it is like a week b4 i try and start my bike. get it running, clank clank clank = not good....-R

picture time

just thought i would share this shot of my bike.....-R

spares in paradise

Here are some pics of my hawaii trip for work... ha, i know my job fn sucks. no! not really.. this was my view out of cottage i stayed in. insane! i stayed at the turtle bay. not bad... ha.. no but really. it was awesome you can swim with the turtle's right there. this trip was not as good as the last since i was alone. no one to share with. the last trip was with the fam. so this trip i will share with you. this was on the north shore, do not if ya ever been there, it is all country. not nothing out there. chickens/rosters running around every where. coconuts on the ground like the movies, the locals do not like you. well they liked me.. ha.. on my trips into town, i would spell it if i could pronounced holly eva.. ha.. well any way. i would pass this pretty cool skate park. it wasn't that cool but the whole setting was, well pretty amazing. all tucked away, with trees and mountains containing it. and across the street was sunset. sunset meaning the famous break (surfing) "gonna surf the words of the north shore" by the most famous kook of all rick cane. life on the north shore is pretty amazing! i see all the super rad houses and think what the fuck do these people do for work??? well, i still don't know... maybe sell speed or something or make surfboards and smoke banana peels.. oh yeah! i almost 4got. one of coolest things about hawaii was people did not stop 2 cars length behind the car in front of them at stop lights..... till my next hawaii trip.....-R

some pub in hawaii

oh man! when i saw this. i was like holy shit! i coulda used this pillow/punching pad deally in my drinking days. then i thought about all the crap prolly on it.... but again i would have not gave 2 shits, prolly even passout with my head on the pad. and my pecker in the piss.....-R

what the world needs now is another ballsack something another like i need a hole in my head.

ok! like the fucking balls hanging from the back of pickup trucks and cars was'nt bad enuff. some A-hole went and did this. what the shit!!! i NEVEr want balls near my mouth or on my chin. we need (as the voice of the American people) find this ball sack guy and snipe the fucker. i am sure it was made in china to boot......-R

floating jack

Ok, so it has been awhile since i last posted anything. As you can tell this is from holloween.

What you cannot tell is that these punkins were hanging from a tree.. They were just floating mid air... pretty FN rad......-R