Sunday, December 19, 2010

part 2 the tear down/ the spares speed shop

well shit, i kinda fucked up the order of my pics and story. so i will just skip the part of the story where i tell ya i seized my bike. apparently you need oil to keep yer bike running. well, i wanted to tear it apart anyway. the picture on the bottom is what it looked like when i pulled the head, the pic on the top is after i ported and polished it. you cant tell tell from photo, but it as smooth as a babies bottom. cleaned up the intake side too. got rid of all the casting access left behind from production, then took 60 grit and ruffed it a little. i 4got how fn'ing long this takes. it has been many years since i did this. my dad taught me during my race days. he was my mechanic. we kicked ass for a bit. thought i was gonna be famous one day... haaaa... well, honed out cylinder new ring and piston's... almost back 2gether. i will keep you posted.....-R

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