Sunday, December 19, 2010

spares in paradise

Here are some pics of my hawaii trip for work... ha, i know my job fn sucks. no! not really.. this was my view out of cottage i stayed in. insane! i stayed at the turtle bay. not bad... ha.. no but really. it was awesome you can swim with the turtle's right there. this trip was not as good as the last since i was alone. no one to share with. the last trip was with the fam. so this trip i will share with you. this was on the north shore, do not if ya ever been there, it is all country. not nothing out there. chickens/rosters running around every where. coconuts on the ground like the movies, the locals do not like you. well they liked me.. ha.. on my trips into town, i would spell it if i could pronounced holly eva.. ha.. well any way. i would pass this pretty cool skate park. it wasn't that cool but the whole setting was, well pretty amazing. all tucked away, with trees and mountains containing it. and across the street was sunset. sunset meaning the famous break (surfing) "gonna surf the words of the north shore" by the most famous kook of all rick cane. life on the north shore is pretty amazing! i see all the super rad houses and think what the fuck do these people do for work??? well, i still don't know... maybe sell speed or something or make surfboards and smoke banana peels.. oh yeah! i almost 4got. one of coolest things about hawaii was people did not stop 2 cars length behind the car in front of them at stop lights..... till my next hawaii trip.....-R

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