Friday, April 30, 2010

Slab City Fun Fest

Didn't know whiskey bottles could take pictures but Sergio pulled it off

Slowing coming together

Went to a charity Poker Game at the Lava Flow and got inspired to get some more work done on the backyard. Long list of ideas we have had since before the pool was even put in and has been slowly coming together. Coco has put props into full effect, last night she added some solar fireflies to the back wall that look great at night. We'll see how well this stuff holds up after the first party.

Well, we had always talked about doing a dock on the far wall of the pool, can't be sure but I think it was actually Cookie's idea (R.I.P.). Anyhow we were down at the Bali Hai for Dylan's birthday and Monkey Business was broke (thanks Mikey) and in the slip so I just happened to have a trailer capable of carrying 22' long laminated dock beams. 2 days later and the Bali Jor'dan dock was alive.Can't wait for the Pool Party season to get started

Thursday, April 22, 2010

speedmetal cycles

clear coats

biff preping fer clear coats

biff and dog hemmi

these guys breath,eat,drink,shit,motorcycles

speedmetal shop and dave

dave's royale enfeild..and cheby van. fun little bike i cruised around fer a bit. first hand shift bike i ever rode

scooter and his van he bought fer 500$ and it runs. kinda jealous

so i was in denver for a couple days this week. i love hanging with old friends. dave and biff live upstairs of the shop. they built a 2 bedroom apartment there. talk about dedicated. one of the dudes over there who goes by lucas, puts on a chopper show called love thy chopper. google that shit..
check out their blog over to the right in blogs....-R

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Coco's new Galaxie 500

Well, traded off the 78 Bonnie for a 1963 1/2 Galaxie 500, factory black with red interior and a rebuilt 289, alot better condition than the T-bird she built so we'll see where this one ends up.

Looks like I need to get off my ass and finish her triumph...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

check it

don't fuck with the spares

easy rider

do you got a helmet??? pause oh...ya,.... ya oh i got a helmet...-R

the backside smiff

the backside simth has got be be one of my favorite's tricks to see and do... there so so gracefull, so powerfull when done right. to the pointing of the front, the lifting of the back foot, the angle of the body and arms. ...-R

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

lets kill hippies

this year is gonna be a good one!

the batar V at last year's bash if you look closely ya can see jimmy's machine. pic stolen from blue collar moto.....

street chopper

our buddy matt barker made the cut fer this months street chopper.
sorry fer the crease...-R

oh the 80's

aawww maaan this is awesome!!!! so i was looking thru this old bike mag from 82. it had all kinds of crazy shit in there. this means more picture to come.. how rad is the "fake coke" and the chick ready to fuck? so rad... it blows me away the shit they usta advertise... i said blows...haahaaa ha...-R

WHAT THE FUCK!!! only if i had a sniper's rifle. there would one less kook


this dude is a punk rawker...this is a mohawk in my book

ok,ok,ok.... i know, iknow.. i just can't take anymore. i see all these fuckers w/ their lame ass fo-hawks, mohawks, and other shit. WTF is a fo-hawk anyway? what is it? party at nite with yer popped collar, then bussiness during the day.. in the 80's yes i was one of those little teenage kids running around w/ my pants peg,wearing somethng plaid, hair up all different colors and shit. people would throw shit at us as we walked. jocks would fight us at school, but hang with us later in life. i guess they figured out life is better when someone is not controling them... anyway, they are still fucking kooks no matter 2cents, thanks fer listening...-R

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

drunk days

so this is me in the 80's. naw jus kiddin. this is me being a kook fer a day...-R


how did i get here? i think back about all the shit i done,lived,fallen dreams i life thus far is pretty damn sweet. considering i did not graduate high school,lived my life with punk attidude. ya know, did not give two shits about nothing. i mean nothing. skated, drank like a mother fucker, travel'd, went to shows. then one day a meet a girl, (the love of my life) she did not make me change, but i wanted to change my lifestyle for her. meaning, i wanted to take care of her, give her what ever she wanted. like a queen so to speak. we had a child i retreated to my old ways. lost foucus of what i wanted and what i needed to do as a dad. i have a little saying that goes over and over in my head. "life is what YOU make it" and "learn from my mistakes" well, i 4got about the simplicity of the words. so, for the past 10 years i have been working corpo jobs (go figure) at least there not typical corporate gigs. and no it's not the mail room or some ships. i have worked hard to get the things i want for me,my child,and my girl. so far so good. i want to thank all my friends who have helped with my dreams.... you know who you are.... life is good

Monday, April 12, 2010


so, i ran across this picture the other day. i can't remember the dudes name, but i do remember not wanting to tatt2 this guy. he had these eyes like a sibiran husky or some ships. it really freaked me out. he can over with a buddy who i have been tatt2ing fer awhile. so he goes. "man i really want a tatt2".. oh yeah, i say. mind you a am hung over like hellshit. (just made that word up) pretty good huh? anyway back to the story. i am like what do you wanna get? something rat fink the dude says... my head still pounding like someone was inthere shooting a machine gun.. kinda perked up a bit(a small bit)really? i say.. ya thats what i want. so, i go get my rat fink book. he picks one, i say cool give me 20minutes. ended up i really liked the tatt2. he says how much? i say whatever you afford. he gave me 80bucks. i said cool...