Tuesday, April 13, 2010


how did i get here? i think back about all the shit i done,lived,fallen dreams i had..my life thus far is pretty damn sweet. considering i did not graduate high school,lived my life with punk attidude. ya know, did not give two shits about nothing. i mean nothing. skated, drank like a mother fucker, travel'd, went to shows. then one day a meet a girl, (the love of my life) she did not make me change, but i wanted to change my lifestyle for her. meaning, i wanted to take care of her, give her what ever she wanted. like a queen so to speak. we had a child i retreated to my old ways. lost foucus of what i wanted and what i needed to do as a dad. i have a little saying that goes over and over in my head. "life is what YOU make it" and "learn from my mistakes" well, i 4got about the simplicity of the words. so, for the past 10 years i have been working corpo jobs (go figure) at least there not typical corporate gigs. and no it's not the mail room or some ships. i have worked hard to get the things i want for me,my child,and my girl. so far so good. i want to thank all my friends who have helped with my dreams.... you know who you are.... life is good


SDJose said...

XS650? Nice!

SevenThirteen said...

YES! 650!! it is the one i bought of you.....HAAA...-R