Monday, April 12, 2010


so, i ran across this picture the other day. i can't remember the dudes name, but i do remember not wanting to tatt2 this guy. he had these eyes like a sibiran husky or some ships. it really freaked me out. he can over with a buddy who i have been tatt2ing fer awhile. so he goes. "man i really want a tatt2".. oh yeah, i say. mind you a am hung over like hellshit. (just made that word up) pretty good huh? anyway back to the story. i am like what do you wanna get? something rat fink the dude says... my head still pounding like someone was inthere shooting a machine gun.. kinda perked up a bit(a small bit)really? i say.. ya thats what i want. so, i go get my rat fink book. he picks one, i say cool give me 20minutes. ended up i really liked the tatt2. he says how much? i say whatever you afford. he gave me 80bucks. i said cool...

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