Thursday, December 4, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Spares Thanksgiving re-do 12/6/08

it's that time of year gain, thanksgiving re-do at the clubhouse, dec 6th saturday, you know the drill

Batar-Zan Christmas

Dress up, naughty or nice and come down to the batar-zan christmas CD release party.
We'll have a limited run of 50 hand silkscreened Monkey Business Cd's. 13 songs your sure to never listen to.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

That's my Boy

Mark Hubbard needed a drummer for his act, James Junior picked up the sticks and rocked the rumble in ramona into the night, good times, Sam Hitz couldn't resist the call of rock.

On Day Two, We drove out with the goth chopper, Coco's mercury and Reuban's maiden voyage in his 52, 3 roadside stops and 1 on the return trip but she made it

Monday, October 13, 2008

the van

My old man bought this van new back in 1978, bare bones, he carpet kitted the inside, fender flares, keystone raiders, wood burnt with a propane torch running boards, sunroof and mushroom window, hooker headers, cb radio, bed in the back, carpet everywhere, this baby was really happening.

We drove from upstate New York to California in this baby, back to New York and ultimately back to san diego in the early 80's. He lost the van to his second wife along with a hair dryer in that divorce. I'm always looking for the right canidate to recreate this piece of my childhood, soon I think, very soon.

first model a

this was from around 1991, junior's pops was getting ready to do some time and sold it off to wrap up some loose ends, ironic i lost this car while i did some time....this zerox of an old snapshot was mailed to me while i was on vacation, all i have left of her

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

1952 ford 2 door hardtop victoria crestline is SOLD

Well, I know it's going to be hard to believe but the Alfie the Eyetallion Stallion recently go traded for this car, fella dragged it out from Sedona while coming to san diego for knee surgery for the trade.

I cranked on the fan and motor turned, after digging around in the car found a new set of plugs, points and condensor, bought a 6 volt battery and fired it up. Runs nice, carb is sticky and leaking, but turns out to be a real nice running motor.

1952 Ford two door hardtop, victoria crestline model, been in storage for years in arizona, all original, flathead motor complete and runs, transmission goes into forward and reverse, brakes are hard but function

has rust in all the normal spots along the bottom, front windshield is bb gun shot up, rest of the glass is good, stainless trim all good, bumpers straight, gauges work, has a new 6 volt battery, several new parts that had been purchased years ago in the car. Trunk full of all the inside garnish trim and a slew of misc parts bought for the car.

$2600 Jimmy 619-518-6331

will consider trades for harley, triumph and model a parts or $1800 minus motor and tranny

Sunday, September 21, 2008

he comes from the land down under


finally got a 21 on the front with a drum brake thanks to fredo

petcocks should be inroute so can finish up the coffin tank and start the body work on the tanks and rear fender
must get some 6" pullback z-bars.....jimmy

Sunday, September 14, 2008

fun with metal

cardboard is fun,
notice the sweet mural on the sportster tank
i got from stevezan, in the first picture,
#2 is the mock up on some steel I had laying around.

starting to take form now, rolled a bead thru
the center for fun ....jimmy

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Saturday, September 6, 2008

mooneyes xmas party 2007

here is a little teaser to get you exicted about mooneyes xmas party dec13 2008....
well rats, i am having trouble uploading video. so click on link. you will not be disapointed..



i thought this bike was super clean i really like this one. going to own one like this one day....

road dogs

here are some pics from Alex's cousins shop. they build pretty cool bikes. they had a 2nd annaul bbg party deal, some bands played it was hot as hell... oh yeah, it was a car show to. but i only liked 3 cars that was there....-R


here are some pics from the Mooneyes bbg july 19 2008. the weather was gr8. it was a over cast day which are me favorite.
there were plenty of pretty cool cars and bikes. did not stay long since i was rolling solo. so i went took some pics then beat it. oh bought some ed roth shirts fer 5beans... checkout the minin bike with 2 motors.... can you say death wish? i will post some more pics one day...enjoy..-R

cockpit shot

Friday, September 5, 2008



Good times, good times

this is how it was in the beginning, $3000 hotrod:

Body: late 31 model A 5 window chopped 3"
Frame: Model A, boxed and kicked 6 inches
Motor: Rebuilt 327 chevy with 3 dueces
Tranny: Rebuilt turbo 350
Front-end: 4" dagoed I-beam with 40 ford brakes
Rear-end: Narrowed 9" ford
Rims: Steel slots 14" front/15" back

Now here's the scoop kids: I bought the body for $800 it was rough but work able, I replaced the passenger side quarter panel which I made from some 20 guage sheet metal. Chopped the top 3" and built a wood kit out of lumber from the ole home depot.

The frame I bought complete minus body from a little old lady who just wanted it out of here yard for $150. I kept the frame for the coupe and later got another frame and put the chassis back together and sold it for $700. Boxed and kicked the frame, built a tranny mount cross member and she was good to go. The steel slots were on the chassis from the little old lady and figured what the hell, painted em red and ran em.

The motor was another steal, I bought a 300amp lincoln welder for $60! I traded the welder for a 225 buzzbox and the rebuilt 327. My tranny is rebuilt thru Cottman, I traded 3 junk turbo 350's for 1 good one. The 3 duece set-up set me back $300 for the intake with 3 rebuilt carbs and air cleaners (I rattle canned em silver). Which actually I should take this time to thank my wife for, she won $3000 in Laughlin and gave me the $300!

Front-end was $125, 40 ford spindles $50 and brakes $150. I made all my wishbone radius rods which cost about $300 for front and rear. The rear end was $50 (which I traded some t-shirts for) me and my buddy Dana narrowed it ourselves. Yes the axle did break the first time,and the housing the second, but we figuired it out finally and it works great.

The coupe has a gas guage which is stock $10, speedo works and is from a core I bought for $5 greased up and threw in, not real accurate but who cares? Oil pressure guage was spendy at $60 from Moon liquid filled and fits in the stock amp guage spot. The water temp is a Moon guage that fits right into the top of the intake manifold and was $60.

Head lights are from spotlights off a fire truck for $45, and the tail lights are running lights off a trailer for $10, which leaves the radiator $250 and the grill $20 with a $4 insert.

Add it up kids, less than 3 grand for a daily driver!!!

This was after the drag racing bug bite and I started racing the tuners down at the stadium using a fake id to make me younger, at the time only people under 25 could race and after getting a trophy under one name, well, that's another story. 456 gears with a spool, which by the way makes for a long drive to vegas from san diego, safe shifter, driveshaft loop and swapping the homemade narrowed axle for a currie, got me from one end of the track to the other

Painted my car, Sibley's model A roadster and Stevo's camero like flags after 9-11

Painted it black again and sold the car several years ago to a fella who lived in Pacific Beach, never heard about it since, wonder if he moved or if the car sits in a garage somewhere, boy I sure do miss this car....jimmy

Were Rod shall rise again!