Tuesday, September 23, 2008

1952 ford 2 door hardtop victoria crestline is SOLD

Well, I know it's going to be hard to believe but the Alfie the Eyetallion Stallion recently go traded for this car, fella dragged it out from Sedona while coming to san diego for knee surgery for the trade.

I cranked on the fan and motor turned, after digging around in the car found a new set of plugs, points and condensor, bought a 6 volt battery and fired it up. Runs nice, carb is sticky and leaking, but turns out to be a real nice running motor.

1952 Ford two door hardtop, victoria crestline model, been in storage for years in arizona, all original, flathead motor complete and runs, transmission goes into forward and reverse, brakes are hard but function

has rust in all the normal spots along the bottom, front windshield is bb gun shot up, rest of the glass is good, stainless trim all good, bumpers straight, gauges work, has a new 6 volt battery, several new parts that had been purchased years ago in the car. Trunk full of all the inside garnish trim and a slew of misc parts bought for the car.

$2600 Jimmy 619-518-6331

will consider trades for harley, triumph and model a parts or $1800 minus motor and tranny


=mike= said...

That car is fucking awesome and for that price it's a steal . Hardtops like that are hard to come by and that thing looks like it's really clean .

Kathy said...

How about an original with no restoration, but actual original condition? Covered storage; actual mileage is low low....