Saturday, January 9, 2010

Big 3, greatest place on the earth 2010

Big 3 is right around the corner kids, same 7 spots, EA 28-34. let me know who will be camping, selling or wanting to park inside The Spares Compound

So far it's looking like Batar-Vee, Rip City, Reuban, Fredo's tent and The Ratt's Van for confirmed campers

Seller's we got Bloodbath, 58 Saint, Mikey Ratt's pinstriping, Old School Hotrods, Fredo

Hoping to see special guest appearances by a couple wayward spares this year, Mikey Hottman is moving back and Chopper has been sighted

Bringing it back in 2010

Dan's roadster is on it's way to keeping the pact

Wrinkle Room Fun

Much like how a bad wedding is an entertaining way to spend an afternoon, the charcoal house is a great way to spend an evening.