Friday, April 30, 2010

Slowing coming together

Went to a charity Poker Game at the Lava Flow and got inspired to get some more work done on the backyard. Long list of ideas we have had since before the pool was even put in and has been slowly coming together. Coco has put props into full effect, last night she added some solar fireflies to the back wall that look great at night. We'll see how well this stuff holds up after the first party.

Well, we had always talked about doing a dock on the far wall of the pool, can't be sure but I think it was actually Cookie's idea (R.I.P.). Anyhow we were down at the Bali Hai for Dylan's birthday and Monkey Business was broke (thanks Mikey) and in the slip so I just happened to have a trailer capable of carrying 22' long laminated dock beams. 2 days later and the Bali Jor'dan dock was alive.Can't wait for the Pool Party season to get started


SDJose said...

So that's what your back yard looks like during daylight! Nice work!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

that's rad!