Tuesday, May 18, 2010

3 steps forward 5 steps back

Loaded up the Trailer Queen on the trailer and was headed up to pick up another T-bird to repair Coco's demolish derby car. Arranged to meet the buyer a block away from the T-bird pick-up, which was up in Norco, couple hours away.Picked up Mark on the way, thought I'd share his planter art, must say I am a bit jealous, it was a prop from a play or somethingSo we met up with Gene and his son in the Burger King parking lot, tried to talk him out of it but Gene wasn't scared so off the Trailer Queen went. It's nice to sell things but I gotta say I regret every car I've ever sold. Hope Gene has alot of fun in that car I know I did. Afterwards we went to get the T-bird for Coco and ended up buying a 1963 galaxie convertible, 1963 galaxie parts car, 1964 galaxie convertible and a 1964 galaxie 2 door hardtop. If that wasn't bad enough we then headed up to Dan Collin's Old Gold Garage and picked up A 1934 three window project. Mark bought the 64's so end result was I bought 5 cars this weekend and sold 3, 3 steps forward, 5 steps back.....

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